After making the great decision of becoming a U.S citizen, filling out your application for citizenship (Form N-400 Application for Naturalization) is the next step towards your goal. At Citizenship Maryland, we stand by ready to help you through the application process. All consultations are private and completely confidential. Our citizenship promoters can: 

  • Guide you through filling out the N-400 Application for Citizenship.
  • Help you understand USCIS correspondence.
  • Tell you where to go to obtain any necessary documents.
  • Refer you to an immigration attorney, if you should you need one.
  • Enroll you in a citizenship class.
  • Mentor/tutor you to get you ready for your interview.

Our services fees are:

1. Eligibility Analisis : Free for CASA members ( Meeting with an specialist to analyze your case and a complete a prescreen form, your prescreen form will be reviewed by a BIA accredited or Immigration Attorney)

2.Preparing Citizenship application ( completing N400 form)

  • o criminal Record ( No amendment required): $50.00 
  • Some criminal record(written addendum is required): $75.00
  • Some criminal record ( legal representation-G28- is advised): $175.00

3. In addition to our Citizenship  services we are offering assistance filling out: 

  • Completing application for certificate of Citizenship ( form N-600):
  1. $25.00 : if Citizenship application WAS prepared by New Americans Citizenship Project. 
  2. $50.00:  if Citizenship application WAS NOT prepared by New Americans Citizenship project.
  • Completing application for renewing or replacing green card ( Form I-90) : $50.00 


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